Focused on Family, Fun, and Competition, Dropkick Soccer was invented by Luke Grothe. It was originally designed to help improve his kid's ball striking ability through increased repetition. The training device quickly turned very competitive, and it has been a hit at family and social gatherings since. 

  • Family gatherings
  • 4th of July parties
  • Champions League watch parties
  • Camping trips
  • Beach trips
  • Poolside BBQs
  • Working on your kid's passing technique 
  • Fun for the kids at the Grandparent's house 

… you name it and Dropkick Soccer has been there bringing people together to enjoy the beautiful game.

Dropkick Soccer is training for the kids and fun for adults of any experience level. No running or tackling involved. Usually.

We are family owned and operated out of Austin, TX, and we are committed to completely exceeding your expectations. Please contact Luke directly if you are not completely satisfied with your experience.