***Warning : this game is extremely fun and competitive for all age groups and experience levels. 


  1. Place each goal 17 feet apart facing each other. 
  2. Two or Four players. Team-mates stand on opposite sides during four - player gameplay.
  3. One soccer ball if you're playing with two players. Two soccer balls if four players.   


Hit the goal frame = 1 Point

Score a goal = 3 Points

First team to 21 wins. Must win by 2 points.


1. Each player alternates shooting on the other player's goal from beside their goal.

2. When it's not your turn, players stand behind their goal to keep the ball from rolling away if the other team misses the goal completely during their shots.

3. First player to score 21 points wins. Must win by 2 points. 


1. Teammates stand on opposite sides.

2. Each team gets one shot from each side, called a round. During a round the teams alternate shots with the first shooter being the team that will go first until the other team scores a point.

                  Example: Red team goes first and misses the board completely. Blue team goes next and scores a goal. Blue team is awarded 3 points and they go first on the following rounds of shots until Red team scores a point.

3. The ball is live after a player shoots. Do not move balls from first shots that are blocking the goal. Only move a ball blocking the goal if the ball scored a goal. When a player scores a goal the ball is moved, and the other team has a chance to try and cancel out the 3 points.

4. Points are calculated using the cancellation method. 

                 Example:  Blue team scores a goal = 3 points

                                  Red team hits the board = 1 point

                                  Blue team is awarded 2 points ( 3-1 )

5. First team to 21 wins. Must win by 2 points.